About Us

Action Apparel is an independently owned and managed company based on Trading and wholesale for total fashion items and operating mainly and CMT as a buying, selling office and CMT production.Action Apparel is supplying to departmental store, hyper-market , discount store, specialty shops , trader s and wholesaler’s all over Malaysia and some in Singapore, HongKong, Spain, Thai land and others Beside buying goods on behalf of clients , one of the Action Apparel main function is to lead to sources for products development , when applying, thus give clients the best possibilities expansion of products range. To promote the best communication between manufacturer , suppliers and retailers are also one of Action Apparel aims .

Marketing Research & Strength

Generally, the services that Action Apparel is providing could be details as follow:

Market research, through visiting fairs – overseas and local, manufacturing plants, Reading press and reading magazines , etc , in order to have the most Active role in terms of selection of products.

Strength in price negotiation and work exclusivity’s , when possible,

We have contact manufacturer that mainly take care of the production for our buyers and development programmed. Development programmes mainly for buyers , In-house Private Labels. Presently , we are exclusively working with most reliable and experienced manufacturer who are able to meet our standard requirement .

Action Apperal interfaces for all order’s placed on behalf of its clients .

Types Of Goods Supplied

Apparel for Ladies , Men’s , Sports , Children ,

Babies Under-garment and Night-wear .

Fabrication in woven and knitted fabrics.

We supplied Premium and Corporate Gifts.

Example-diary , calculator , T-shirt for family day , Umbrella,Cap , Bags and others .

Our services are based, mainly guarantee clients that their order are deliver on time, And at the best possible conditions .Action Apperal is relatively small it offer s great flexibility regarding the client’s requests as well as a very personalized attention to their particular demands.